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Celebrity Rewards is a travel agent loyalty programme that has been specifically designed to reward you for your Celebrity Cruises bookings. The scheme enables you to earn reward points for your Celebrity Cruises bookings, which can then be spent on a catalogue of gifts available on the Celebrity Rewards website.

Please use the Contact Us page on the Celebrity Rewards website to contact the Helpdesk Team, selecting the correct category to allow us to respond to your query effectively. Please allow 48 hours for our team to reply to you.

When you register for Celebrity Central at and visit the ‘Celebrity Rewards’ section on the website, we will create a Celebrity Rewards account for you. Please note, only RCL Cruiseline Ltd approved Travel Partners who have undergone the necessary exchange of Business Partner Agreement contracts with Celebrity Cruises can participate in this scheme.

We use a variety of details from your Celebrity Central profile to match you to your existing Celebrity Rewards account (for Rewards accounts created prior to October 2018). One of the most effective ways to do this is with your email address, so if you’ve not used the same one when you registered your Celebrity Central account, be sure to add it to your profile as a secondary email address so we can find you. Don’t worry if we don’t make a match, you can get in touch with our Helpdesk team using the Contact Us page on the Celebrity Rewards website, stating your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, ABTA and Store Address for both your old Celebrity Rewards account and your new Celebrity Central account and we’ll do our best to match you manually.

If you sell under multiple ABTA, Y or pseudo numbers, you can add each one to your profile using the ‘Edit details’ page on Each Celebrity Cruises booking you make is assigned to a specific agency reference, ABTA or Y number and can only be claimed if you are registered under this agency.

It is very important that you email with the details as soon as you realise the error in order for Trade Support to correct it and for the booking to appear under the correct ABTA/Y number for claiming on the Celebrity Rewards website.

If you temporarily move to another branch within your company, please ensure you add each one to your profile using the ‘Edit details’ page on This will ensure that any bookings you make during the temporary move will be available to claim. You can then remove the temporary ABTA number once you have claimed your relevant bookings.

Once you are registered for Celebrity Central and join the Celebrity Rewards programme, you are eligible to earn points by making Celebrity Cruises bookings. You cannot claim bookings and earn points for bookings made prior to the date of your Celebrity Rewards registration. Bookings are uploaded onto the Celebrity Rewards website each day for the previous day of bookings made. You can also potentially increase the number of points you can earn by taking part in our regular bonus points promotions, details of which will be available on the ‘Promotions’ page of the Celebrity Rewards website.

From the Celebrity Rewards Home page, select the ‘My Bookings’ tab where you will be able to enter your Booking Number(s). The system will search for that booking and allow you to claim your booking(s). Once a booking is claimed, your Celebrity Rewards Account will automatically update with the relevant points shown as ‘Redeemable Points. Bookings will be available to claim for up to 60 days after the booking date. After 60 days, any bookings not claimed will no longer be eligible to earn points.

Bookings are uploaded onto the Celebrity Rewards website each day for the previous day of bookings made.

If you accidentally claim a booking made by someone else and you need to reverse the claim, email the details of the booking to our Helpdesk team using the Contact Us page on the Celebrity Rewards website, so we can reverse the claim enabling the correct owner of the booking to claim it and earn their applicable points.

You will automatically receive the points attributed to the booking into your ‘Redeemable Points’ balance once you claim the booking. Your points balance is available to view on your ‘Account Summary’ page at all times

You will earn a fixed amount of core points for every Celebrity cruise you sell, which can vary by stateroom category. You can see the point earning information at any time on the ‘Point Earning Cruises’ page of the Celebrity Rewards website. You can also potentially earn bonus points in Celebrity Rewards incentives when applicable. See the ‘Promotions’ page for details of current promotions.

If a booking which you have earned Redeemable Points for subsequently cancels, the amount of points you were originally awarded for the booking will be deducted from your account, even if you have already spent the points on rewards, which may take your account into a negative balance. You can view bookings with a ‘Cancelled’ status at any time on your ‘Account Summary’ page. 

Redeemable Points are points that are available for you to spend immediately on rewards, providing you have enough Redeemable Points to exchange for the rewards you want from the Celebrity Rewards Catalogue and you have earned your Celebrity Rewards Stamp through Celebrity Passport on Celebrity Central.

Pending Points are points that are held as pending (therefore not able to be immediately spent) until the sailing date has passed. This only applies to bookings made up until 14th December 2015. Once the sailing date has passed, Pending Points will transfer to your Redeemable Points balance.
Yes, new tour operator nett rate bookings will receive core points only. However, nett tour operator rates are not applicable to earn points through any additional point incentives.

Group bookings will be applicable to earn points in the Celebrity Rewards programme. Points for Group bookings are awarded when the sailing date on the Group booking is met. At the start of each week, Group bookings that have sailed the previous week will be uploaded to the Celebrity Rewards website and participants will have 60 days from the sailing date to claim the Group booking. Please note, Group bookings data is uploaded weekly and not daily, as per standard Individual bookings.

Any bookings made onboard that are made under a direct booking or onboard booking and subsequently moved to an ABTA/Y number at a later date will not be applicable to claim points on, as our reporting does not capture these bookings. If you have guests that you know are considering booking onboard, please ensure you provide them with your ABTA/Y number, asking that they give this to the Onboard Sales Consultant at the time of booking. We apologise, but no exceptions will be made on this.
For core Celebrity Rewards points, bookings do not need to be created via automated tools. However, to earn additional points in any bonus incentives or promotions, bookings may need to be created via automated tools to qualify. Please review the terms and conditions for each incentive online for full terms and conditions.

Creating a booking via automated tools means the option status must first be created via automated booking tools such as Airwaves. It does not matter if the option is later confirmed (changed to BK status) via the call centre or via automated tools, provided the option (OF status) was created online.

We will manually override back-to-back bookings and Group bookings which cannot be created via automated tools. If you have a booking for a family veranda stateroom (FV) with a minimum of 5 guests, please contact us within 4 weeks of making the booking so we can manually add on any points for bonus incentives where applicable. Please email to validate your booking so that points can be added to your Celebrity Rewards account accordingly.

There are lots of exciting things for you to spend your Redeemable Points on. Visit the ‘Rewards’ page on the Celebrity Rewards website to view the options, including a Reloadable Mastercard where you can swap points for cash amounts. Or browse the Celebrity Rewards Catalogue for a huge range of items such as gift cards, luxury brand merchandise and more. Once you have enough points to redeem for the item you wish, you can select it to put it in your Shopping Cart and the website will take you through the Checkout process. Your ‘Account Summary’ will then be updated to show your new points balance.

You can view the full details in the handy user guide on the ‘MY MASTERCARD’ page on the Celebrity Rewards website. Once you have received your card and have activated it, you will then be able to transfer Redeemable Points balances to your Mastercard, as well as view your card transactions, all on the Celebrity Rewards website. Point transfers can take up to 21 working days to appear as funds on your card.

Once you have ordered an item from the Celebrity Rewards Catalogue, you will receive it within 21 working days. Make sure you check your delivery contact details are correct when you order your reward, so that your gift is delivered to your preferred address and can be signed for as proof of delivery.

Yes, you can. To view the full range of gifts, visit the ‘REWARDS’ page on the Celebrity Rewards website and choose the ‘Customer Gift’ option. Select your gift, put it in your Shopping Cart and then complete the on screen ‘Gift For Your Guests Order Form’. Your order will then be processed by Celebrity Cruises. Please read the Client Gifts FAQs for full details before placing your order.

Due to our recent global policy changes around making payments with pre-loaded gift cards, unfortunately you can no longer use your Celebrity Rewards Reloadable Mastercard to pay for your own cruise holidays directly with Celebrity Cruises. Instead, we would recommend you withdraw the funds from your Mastercard to deposit into your own personal bank account to make any payments towards your Celebrity cruise, as you wish.


No, points are awarded to each participant on an individual basis.

Yes, once your points become ‘Redeemable’ they will have a 4-year validity period within which you can spend them, providing you continue to be active in the programme, i.e. you are doing point earning activity such as making and claiming bookings. If you have been inactive within a 6-month period and your Pending or Redeemable Points balances haven’t changed, your Redeemable Points will automatically expire and your Celebrity Rewards account will be closed.

You can check your ‘Account Summary’ at any time once you are logged in to the Celebrity Rewards website to see how many points you have accumulated to spend on rewards and you can search your activity by things like date ranges and booking references. You can also keep a track of rewards that you have already redeemed in ‘Redemption Summary’.

If you move to another travel agency, please ensure you update your profile on Celebrity Central, which will update your Celebrity Rewards profile. If when you next log in and visit Celebrity Rewards you cannot see the bookings you've made at your new travel agency to claim, then let our Helpdesk Team know by using the Contact Us page on the Celebrity Rewards website and emailing us your old agency details and ABTA number and your new agency ABTA number and contact details.

Points that have been earned by a participant are individually owned by them. Earned points are points that have a ‘Redeemable’ status, so if you move to another travel agency, you will be able to take your Redeemable Points with you. Once we have changed your participant details on your profile, we will transfer your Redeemable Points over to your new account. Any Pending Points will be forfeited. Any bookings that have not been claimed by the participant by the last date of employment with their original employer, will be retained by the original travel agency with which the booking was made. Please contact us using the Contact Us page on the Celebrity Rewards website with your details to allow us to merge your accounts to ensure you retain the correct points balances.

Please email Trade Support on to be added to the database.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Cruise Vouchers at this time.